Testing engine for RPG-light text adventures through Unity. Uses XML templates to allow non-programmers to write intricate and free formed text adventures, a mix between Twine and Zork. Mobile may be funky and the fullscreen button only works from the main menu, fair warning.

Current features:

  • Easy to use UI with mouse, touch, or keyboard support
  • Scenes, Characters, Events all driven by XML templates
  • Simple text markdown to allow for bold, italics, and character specific quote text
  • Link events together by specific interactions or common groups
  • Configurations for setting a custom UI appearance ( Colors, sizes, custom buttons )
  • Global variable tracking, driving available interactions, characters, and output text
  • Save/Load game state

Planned features to add before general release:

  • Store and display player character information and party members
  • Replace keywords in output text with dynamic PC/NPC information
  • Store and display inventory and key items
  • Allow authors to create dictionaries of replacement phrases

Stretch features:

  • Detailed XML error messages to help authors correct formatting and improve displayed output
  • Provide generic dictionaries for common replacement phrases
  • Animated transitions between UI views and output text
  • Simple RPG combat module
  • Impose images for scenes, characters, and evens behind text log
StatusIn development
Made withUnity

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